My name is Sherri and I make all these wonderful energy healing aids as a way of supporting my clients, students and other light workers around the world - to protect and shield from increased radiation levels in our modern digital environment, and to bring more beauty and colour into your energy field. Each piece I make is divinely guided and there will never be 2 alike..and that's what I love about them! They also release a gentle energy of balancing and cleansing at the same time (known as Orgone energy, otherwise known as Chi non stop). They never need to be cleansed like crystals do, as I have already done that for you, and being cast in the resin amplifies their potency.
May they bring joy,balance and harmony to you, your loved ones and your environment. 
These make wonderful gifts too!  

Love and light to you and your days!

Designed and Made by Sherri Jemmett